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Dharmas Tribe…

… is a community of yogis practicing and cultivinging awareness, each in their own search and together, for each other and the World.

This is your space, where you will find inspiration and wisdom from the Tribe.

Dharma – philosophy and studies

» Dharma Talks – An invitation to open your mind and cultivate awareness. An inner investigation for the brave och curious.

» In the workings! Kitchen conversations.

Pay it forward


Together we can offer the gift of yoga and peace, to those who cannot afford a proper yoga class. Pay it forward is a way for you to practice generosity and share your love for the practice of yoga. You know what a profound difference a touch of awareness makes.

Donate a class to Dharmas payment account 829-7970 or connect for information. Please mark your payment Yoga Donation.

If you’re interested  in attending a class, check out if there are classes available and embrace.

Dharma yogis

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Dharma provides a space where I can just be in the moment as it is. I am supported in the flow of life. Dharma offers an opportunity to connect to my soul and others on the same path.  This is a space where I feel a sense of connection to my self and community with others. A space where I can relax and re-boost myself.   Love/ Eleonore



It fees good to come to Dharma yoga and be challenged, both physically and mentally. Alexandra is great at what she does! Her classes have strengthen and soften my body and mind, which has given me many advantages, like in my running. I’m super grateful to have Dharma yoga. / Tobias




Welcome to the Dharma family