The Yoga of Activism

Activism, is in the words we use, in our actions, in our whole alignment. Every given moment, we can choose to become aware of the present moment – that in itself is activism. Being present requires you to act now, on that which is seen.

Yoga, is NOT that pose of perfection on the mat or the sweetness of a mantra sung in the warmth of a beautiful studio shala. Although, that could put us in a state of re-membering ourselves as a community of sons and daughters of sacred Mother Earth, our yoga is expressed and witnessed outside the mat on the face of this living beings.

There is no hocus pokus involved. We are the world in which we and all beings live. Don’t be enthralled by the illusion of individualist separation. We are constantly inter-being.

Here are some of the ways Dharma is engaging in, and engages the world. The world invites you to join the movement of awareness.

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Links for inspiration:

Quest of BeingHUMAN The Movie , World Yoga Day , Peace One Day


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