I am a teacher and explorer of movement. One thing i have discovered, through experience, experiments, studies and practice over the years, is that movement rewires your brain. It sounds obvious of course. But you see, many of us live in our heads, we seek personal growth, using our heads, and we target our feelings, aiming from our heads, and it doesn’t really work does it? Yes, thinking or rather mental activity has a tremendous effect on our whole being. But so does movement, maybe even more effectively so.

So i thought, let’s really explore movement, asana, whatever you want to call it, and notice how we feel as we shape shift. Let’s aim for empowerment. Let’s look att our patterns and conditionings (very interesting!) and claim awareness over our being and actions.

This is a movement class, were we learn to become skilled at response and notice reactions. We might even call this a workshop on the law of Karma, and especially the second part of it ”as you act, so you become” . We’ll study the inner workings of emotion, the hold of conditioning, and freedom created by movement.

Our three hours together consist of:
guided movement
group discussion
and meditation.

We’ll be looking at the psychological effects of:


Level: all practicing yogis, and interested movers.
Location: The Dharma Loft
Date: 16 march
Schedule: 12:00 – 15:00 (Please don’t have lunch right before class).
Investment 500:- to bg 829-7970

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The Empowerment Session