It’s Easter.

Since i’ve started to study with Raviji, Easter, has change for me. It is a mystical, remarkable time of celebration. Easter, is ultimately about letting go of the entanglements of life and surrendering to grace. Resurrection can only happen when we are ready to be utterly emotionally nude and vulnerable, with nothing to hide and no roll to hold on to, it’s just me and God. Me and Supreme Consciousness. All i can do, is to be prepared, although that gives no guarantees of reaching anything. Being prepared, through selfstudy and cultivating awareness, puts us in a state of attention and curiosity. The story of the great Resurrection is a calling to us all, to rise above our fears and self-will and to trust in Love and our higher purpose. A spiritual awakening is a rebirth. Little by little, with the practice of attention and letting go, our heart fills with wonder – expressions of the Spirit.

Easter is a time of transformation, of dying and being reborn. A time of deep contemplation and gratitude. Here is a prayer i share with you. Whatever your beliefs or religion or whatever path you follow, may we walk together towards awakening, be receptive and filled with compassion. May we be courageous. This journey grants us the practice of wholeheartedness, in every step. The journey itself and our fellow searchers hold us, and keep us grounded.


To let go. To let go. Into freedom.


Exhale. Inhale the breath of God.

Inhale, fearlessness.

Inhale Love.


There is nothing, nothing to loose.

Let go.

We are blessed.

We are Seen.

We are Known.

May our sight be transformed

so we may See Wonders

so our hearts be filled with Love.

Be released. Awaken to the miracle.


what will You have me do?


Be brave. Breathe.

May we be brave. May we be open to see clearly.