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Practical Yoga and Tantra…

… Cultivating Harmony and Fulfilment in our World Today.

An integrated weekend program with James Boag

Yoga is the practical school of Indian Philosophy. It works with the spectrum of our human experience to foster sustainable harmony in the here and now of real life.

Tantra-s are the powerful technologies bequeathed to us by the great research scientists and explorers of the Indian Spiritual tradition.

In these times of technological bombardment, information overload and manipulative media, the organic technologies of the Tantric Yoga tradition are as relevant and perhaps more necessary than ever.

Whether you are brand new to yoga, or to Tantric perspectives, or whether you have been immersed in this field for decades, this program invites us to deepen our understanding of the robust, inclusive and always practical resources of Tantric yoga so we may uncover and integrate more of our innate capacities to skilfully navigate the challenges, opportunities and cycles of life.

Working particularly from the point of view of the inclusive, universal Tantra Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism, we will focus on how we can practically cultivate harmony and fulfilment in the context of our actual lives today. Our exploration will include:

Practical Frames, Lenses and Robust Resources to foster harmony

-The Unspoken/Unwritten Foundations of Tantric Yoga Schools: Discipline and Freedom: Foundations of yoga practice for sustainable, lifelong evolution, deepening fulfilment and freedom.

-The ‘Four Aims of Life’ in the Indian tradition (Puruṣārthāḥ): Principles for fulfilment in life from a yogic/tantric perspective and how we can work with them as mutually supportive frames now and through all stages of our lives

-The ‘Five Great Acts of Consciousness’ as Five Practical Principles: Creation, Sustenance, Transformation, Veiling and Recognising; and how we can work practically with these innate capacities of our conscious essence

Yoga Practice Way beyond the Mat

-Working with the reality of Nature: how we can deepen our capacity for steadiness, easefulness and skilful response within the cyclical change, great diversity, impermanence and uncertainty of our world

-‘Advanced yoga’ – the yoga of relationship

-Harnessing the gifts of polarity for whole system nourishment

-Yogic Movement and the Tantra of Haṭha Yoga: harnessing the innate, organic technologies of our miraculous bodies for whole system nourishment and evolution

-Sūrya Namaskāra and the sacred body: the path of the hero(ine) – the one who wrests with all it is to be human. Collaborating with the elements and the forces of Nature.

Weekend overview

James’ workshops are always deeply practical and relevant to the broader lives of those who attend. If you are curious about ‘taking your yoga beyond the mat’ this program is definitely for you. When James gives programs like this, the content is always unique, depending on who is in the room and what is most pertinent to deepening into the topic. These descriptions give a guideline of the overall pattern of the weekend.

During this weekend we will:

-establish/deepen a live and vibrant relationship with robust, inclusive principles/support structures of yoga and tantra that can help us foster harmony in the reality of a human life

-apply these principles/structures to yoga as a holistic life practice, working with movement, meditation, sound, stillness, inquiry and celebration.

-learn/experience how to apply the time-tested principles of yoga, and the organic technologies of tantra to any style of practice and how to empower our work with yoga techniques so they support all aspects of our life, the length of our life.

Session Outline (Guidelines only, all intensives with James are unique offerings that develop in the context of the group, the setting, and the opportunities of our time together)

The morning sessions will be movement based, afternoon and evening sessions will include discussion, meditation and inquiry exercises, sound work and short movement practices.

Weekend schedule

Friday 29th June: opening evening session, discussion 6:00-8:30pm

James will introduce Tantra and Yoga, considering the vast reach of what these terms signify and their practical import for human beings seeking harmony and fulfilment in these times. The session may include meditation exercises, some sound work and short movement exercises. Wear clothes you can sit and move in comfortably, bring a notebook and writing materials.

Session Two: Saturday 30th June 10am-1pm: Āsana and movement exploration: Yoga, Tantra and the Sacred Body: Harnessing the opportunities of ‘physical’ practices for whole system nourishment, ‘education’ and ‘recreation’.

This will be a principle-based yoga āsana and movement session: suitable for all ages and levels of experience, we will work with principles that can be applied to all styles of yogāsana practice and broader movement modalities.

In this session, we will begin to explore the technologies of haṭha yoga: respecting and working with the miraculous vehicle of the human body; cultivating balanced neuro-muscular pathways, and efficient kinetic chains for sustainable, lifelong healthy, functional movement.

Session Three: Saturday 30th June 2:30-5:30pm Discussion:

Continuing our practical exploration of Yoga and Tantra,

Session Four: Sunday 1st July: 10am-12:30pm: Āsana and movement exploration: Sūrya Namaskāra, the Elements and the Forces of Nature – practices and underlying principles of sun salutations: harnessing the elements for whole system harmonisation: continuing our practical exploration of the technologies of haṭha yoga in movement and āsana practice.

Session Five Sunday 1st July 2:00-4:30

In this final satsang discussion session we will continue our exploration of the practical application of time-tested principles from the heart of the Tantric Yoga tradition, the session will likely include meditation and sound work.


Dates and times: Friday 29th June: 6-8:30pm

Saturday 30th June: 10am-1pm and 2:30-5:30pm

Sunday 1st July: 10am-12:30pm and 2-4:30pm

Location: Blåsbogården, Blåsbogatan 3, Västerås Sweden

Cost: 1950 sek

Cancellation policy: 50%,  no refund after may 30.

Please sign up before april 30.

Limited spaces!

Payment info will be given upon registration.

For details and registration please use the form below.

Very welcome!

An integrated weekend program with James Boag