Peace from a kitchen table.

September 21 2016 Peace Day

This past Saturday was the annual festivities of the arts and culture, Västerås Kulturnatt, in the city where I live. For the past 4 years I’ve had the joy and opportunity to create PEACE. Well, at least as a considerable piece of art built in 200 torches forming the word and hopefully the reminder of PEACE.

I put them into place, and then later on, light them. People come and go, some wonder why the extravagance, some give encouragement, some, discouragement. Most people stay and admire the work in progress and then take lots of photos on the finished work to post on social media.

As I was lighting the torches this year, a man stopped by, saddened by the reminder of the world situation, he asked me: And who is listening? more as a comment then a question. I answered that we mustn’t give up, there is always somebody listening.

I’ve thought about this questions since. Who’s listening? As we shrug our shoulders innocently.

Does it matter who? Or how many? Asking this question or the like, indicates only one significant thing. That we ourselves are not listing and even worse, we are contributing to the opposite of peace.

Peace is not a sudden external event. Obviously. Peace is cultivated on the inside in the heart of EveryOne. Being in doubt and disillusioned is defeating for the self and for the world. The fear of never obtaining the highest goal, makes us tremble, fall, and sometimes, we just insist it makes no difference getting up. But it does make a difference. Mother Theresa is rumored to have proclaimed, if you want to change the world go be nice to your family. Taking this further – go be true to yourself. See the truth of who you are, as Krishnamurti tells us, don’t try to change anything while you don’t truly know yourself. One needs to investigate oneself, see and accept all the demons and all the gods for they are all within us. We do not create Peace, we allow for Peace to happen. And she will, once we stop fighting and ignoring the wars and hostilities on the inside, insisting we’re right and ”the others” are wrong. This is difficult work for us, but our life, and the life of the world depends on it.

This is not an endeavor of the mind, but rather of the heart. The mind creates all sorts of reasons not to do the work, not to walk the path, not to let go. This is the mind. She doesn’t mean to be harmful, the Ego doesn’t wish to actually be mean. She is like Smeagol (thank you dear friend for the reminder of the inner Smeagol), egoistic in her nature but super vulnerable and adaptable, cultivating friendliness with her will make her the loyal servant of higher or deeper self, whichever feels correct for you. The search and cultivation for awareness is the starting point for the realization of Peace. We don’t fight for peace, that’s an oxymoron. We cultivate the kind heart, the open mind and start seeing more clearly the pain and suffering on the inside and in the world.

Peace starts with the earnest study of oneself. This is the aim for the yogi/ni, to study the self and be steady and fearless while the churning of the depths cast out all sorts of dirty laundry and beautiful gems.

On the peaceful path, we are all yogis. It starts with a long exhale, and seeing who we are, rather then who we think we ought to be. The conflict lies within.

May we be courageous and graceful on our path. Peace is already here, we need to let her through our disguises and connect.


Please visit Peace One Day to see how you can get involved.

We’re in this together.