Movement Freedom

The Freedom to move

Movement is the sensual calling of our being. We all have a unique expression waiting to be explored and released. Anything we wish to do, requires us to move. Any dream we have holds a potential force of action. Learning to move in any and all ways we can, opens the world to us, both inner and outer.

There are two fundamental directions we are in constant relationship to. Two directions we negotiate and explore: to and from, towards or against, the push-and-pull of life, of gravity.

Dare to explore your inner landscape and your field of awareness. Feel how you energetically evolve into who you wish to be. Stand your ground, embody your intention and learn to un-rigidify your movement. Flow into freedom.

We are naturally sensual beings, unstuck, curious, non-linear. Experience the joy of moment.

In this 2 – 3 hour workshop class, we will explore and examine the forces of gravity and the freedom of creative movement. Asana movements will be woven together encouraging you to find you own pace and rhythm. Where are our boundaries and how can we move them?

This workshop is based on the teaching and experiences of longtime movement practitioner and teacher Alexandra Kambler. She brings together the science of behavior and psychology with the movement awareness, bodywork and yoga.

Class starts with a short talk and ends with meditation.


Book your workshop and ask for more details by mailing to or use the form below to connect. As soon as a group is formed, you will be notified of a date. Investment details and location will be posted.

I hope to flow with you soon!

Intresseanmälan Movement Freedom