Picture from the “Pilgrim Soul” shooting at Västerås Teater

How to UnFuck yourself 29 maj

Obviously, there needs to be some unfucking to do. If you’re all perfect and not wondering, this is not for you.

The sages say, that once you know yourself, can you become free of yourself – that is if you want to be free of yourself. The implication being: you will become free, once you see how fucked you are and let it go.

Let’s cut the Mumbo Jumbo and get to it. We can never know ourselves utterly and completely but we can be open to the possibility that we are more and can learn more, and be more than we think. We are divine beings, as they say. So what holds us back, how do we let go, what’s love got to do with it – (… got to do.. got to do with it) It definitely is not a second hand emotion. (If you’re wondering what that was, shame on you)!

There will be talk, a look at your (and my) psychology, movement, contemplation, quiet and lots of laughing, i am sure.
And at the end, we will feel a little less fucked, than when we arrived.


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Datum: 29 maj
Pris: 250kr
Plats: Dharma Loftet, Blåsbogården Västerås

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How to unfuck yourself