The Art of Attention – Meditation

Attention is an art to be cultivated through practice. There is no shortage of distraktions and temptations in everyday life. However these challenges can strengthen us and offer direction. We can see them as allies on our journey towards awareness and peace. With practice and patience, meditation takes us towards our deeper selves and clarity.

This spring, you are welcome to explore different techniques and doorways to meditation and inner peace.

INFO Spring 2018

Round 2 starts april 11

9 classes

Time: 17:30 – 18:00

Location: The Dharma Loft, Blåsbogården, Kyrkbacken Västerås.

Price: 700 sek for the whole course (Dharmayogi, 450 sek )

Drop-in: 100 sek

Payment to Dharma’s bankgiro 829-7970.

Your Spot is confirmed once payment has been received.

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The Art of Attention