The Alex of Dharma

Based in Västerås, Sweden, Alexandra Kambler of Dharmayoga has been teaching yoga since 2004. She mainly teaches vinyasa style and restorative with a deep connection to the Heart and inner alignment. Lately she has also cultivated a wish for conversation and gives talks on matters of life, desire and freedom.

Looking for a deeper connection with the self and the world she studied behavioral science and earned a master’s degree in psychology. She continued to study Eastern philosophy and creative movement under the guidance of teachers and on her own. The body is the medium with which we express ourselves and channel our deepest creative desires. Alexandra met with her Dharma and the mission became to study the union between body and mind, and teach it to those who wished to explore the play of yoga.

The Teachers

Throughout the years Alex has encountered amazing teachers and been infused with their teachings in yoga philosophy, anatomy, mindfulness and of course the art of movement. Among the many teachers and inspirers she has cultivated a special connection to Kira Sloane founder of former Lulu Bandas and president of  Yoga Anytime of which Alex is a part of; Miss vinyasa flow – Julie Martin founder of Brahmani yogaDoug Keller – Mr biomechanics of yoga and super scholar and spiritual inspirer Ravi Ravindra who encourages the expansion of the mind and awareness.


Dharma works in collaborations. That’s where the creative process is in play. Since Dharma has no permanent setting, she travels, opening up new spaces for yoga and movement, both in Sweden and abroad. Locations of practice and creation have been Fotografiska The museum of photography in Stockholm, The Theater of Västmanland,  as well as regular courses at the Art museum in Västerås. She is a member and teacher on Yoga Anytime and you might also find her teaching in Palma de Mallorca.

Dharma welcomes you, to a world of creative movement.