Hjul & vingar

Inner Landscape Exploration, Wheels, Earth, Wings

Yoga takes us on an inner journey towards clarity.
She shows us what stands in the way of our freedom and stillness of mind. All our patterns, our beautiful, sweet sides and ours shadows ( those we wish not to see), are revealed to us. Yoga tells us to embrace all these parts, all of ourself, and helps us navigate with awareness towards transformation.

During this workshop we will explore obstacles and strengths, identifications and how and where energy leaks. You will receive tools practices that will support you in everyday life to turn the flow inwards for your strength and healing.

We will be practicing asana, meditation and investigate the concepts below. We will do exercises with partners and individually.

The terms we look at are above all
Energy centers


Time:: 10:00 – 12:30 Saturday and Sunday
Location: The Dharma Loft
Price: 550:- for both days.
Minimum attendance 6 yogis for the workshop tohappen. Last date to sign up january 2nd.

Do your payment to payment account 829-7970, before last day of registration.

Your booking is confirmed once Dharma has received your payment.

Welcome to sign up below. Please connect for further information.

Inner Landscape Exploration