Hapiness 2

Happiness Workshop

Happiness! This luxurious elusive thing. How we long for it, all of us, every living being! Even the trees and Mother Earth herself (whom we naturally are part of).

We all want to be happy.
It might be so, that few phenomena have been so thoroughly studied as Happiness has. There is no shortage of definitions and ways to “get there.” From the ancient mystics and yogis to the modern science of today, we see all sorts of authorities speak of it. Some seem to have it, some don’t … regardless of the circumstances. However, we all crave it.

Some will tell you, that Yoga is about finding happiness. That, that is the ultimate goal. Sounds sweet, but there is more to it then that.

During these couple of hours, we will examine the different definitions of happiness, look at where and when it appears in life and we will explore methods for experiencing happiness more frequently in our lives. Also, how does our yoga practice assist us in living a happy life?



Date: august 18

Time:12:00 – 14:30

Cost: 250:-

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Cancellation policy:  Refund only incase of cancelled event on the part of Dharma.

Happiness Workshop