Dharma Talks

Inspiration and inner wisdom 

Dharma talks are inspiring sessions about life, about you and your participation with the world around you. Alexandra will take you through these talks, with a good portion of humor and depth. There will be no answers nor methods. These are not talks of success and prosperity or on how you become more effective in your work. Although you just might redefine these ideas. There will be an invitation to  connect your inner Nature. You will be offered inspiration for questioning the status quo and ideas to contemplate.

The talks have a specifik focus to keep us on track. What are the big illusions in our society about a good life? How is your lifestyle conducive to a life of joy and creativity? What is compassion? How do you relate to having control or taking responsibility? What does it mean to be good? You will be giving an opportunity to ponder over some of life’s questions.

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