Deep Peace Restore & Relax Fall 2018

Welcome to a gentle and nourishing practice where we keep close to the earth and the breath. The yogi settles in different positions for a prolonged amount of time supported by numerous props such as bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps to ensure stability and comfort in each pose. Restorative yoga is a very good complement to your more vigorous and dynamic practice. This is where we cultivate a sense of stillness and calmness.

Suitable for anyone wanting to relax and soften the body and mind.


After Work Melt Down 

8 classes / round

Fridays, 16:45 – 18:15 ,

Dates: 30 nov, 7, 21 dec

Location: Blåsbogården, Kyrkbacken Västerås

Cost: 220/class sek

Payment to Dharma’s bank giro 829-7970.

Your spot on the course is confirmed once your payment is registered.

For Dharma’s cancellation policy please read the information under Yoga.

For questions and to sign up please use the form below.


Restorative Yoga