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Empowered Women

One thing i have discovered, through teaching and experience, and through studies and practices over the years, is that movement rewires your brain, it changes how you perceive yourself and you act accordingly: courageously and openly or limited and in fear. The organism, which you move around in, seeks security and the road of least resistance, even when it is not in your favor, but she does so to keep you safe, she does so out of love and compassion. She within is nothing less than a warrior, a wild one with a longing to Exhale. Free, passionate and compassionate, she will not be tamed, it’s time to explore the SHE essence. It’s a magical thing to allow your feminine power to come alive. I’ve seen it happen.

Empowerment Through Creativity and Movement

Move, pause, focus and explore. The way to freedom is by curiously, sensually, examining the structures. The aim is to move with ease and integrity, to courageously attend to the heart and to the sensual calling of your body, which has been cut off from clear communication. 

This class calls for women to look into their being and be empowered by curiosity and creative movements as well as by each other. 

We have a history of staying within the expected frameworks and boundaries, being good girls. We don’t have to become bad girls to be free, we just have to reach down into our wild essence and listen, explore and find out who we are, who we where before the structures had been laid.

So let’s really explore how movement, through the asanas of yoga can help us re-member ourselves and dissolve tension. We’ll pay attention to how we feel as we shape shift and gently explore the rising of our empowered being. Let’s lovingly look att our patterns and conditionings and claim awareness over our ”truths” and actions.


2 hour workshop, starting with a 30 (or so) min dharma talk.
Dharma talk –  the stories we tell ourselves – inner communication and yoga philosophy – the kleshas – hindrances to fulfillment from a feminist point of view.
Movement class – a movement flow that encourages exploration, creativity, curiosity and empowerment – dancing warriors, supple hips and happy feet.


Level: all practicing yogis and interested movers.

Location: Yogansa, Stockholm

Date: 26 october

Time: 14:30 – 16:30

Investment 300:-

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The Empowerment Session For Women