Dharma stories

Dharma is described as order, or our inmost desire, our responsibility to carry out our mission in life. We all have this. An order of the heart which we are meant to uphold and unfold.

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Treasure your quest. It is your life unfolding.

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Love // Alex

 Colors of change

26 september

Effortlessly. Nature transforms, she changes shapes and colors, and exhales.


Stay Safe Superhero ?

22 september

It’s fascinating, how we are wired to stay safe.


The Thirst for wisdom

20 september

Once you’ve been touched by wonder…


The Art of Stubbornness

18 september

Thank you for allowing me to serve.


Tell me Your Story

14 september

The magic of listening.


A few minutes

12 september

Do you have a few minutes?



13 april

It is a mystical, remarkable time of celebration. Easter, is ultimately about letting go of the entanglements of life …


Spirit Time

15 march

In my family we’ve never called it spirit time, we’ve just called it irritating.


Science & the Sacred, and the Divine Dance of Life

1 march

It leaves no one untouched, in fact that is the purpose of the spiritual path – to allow ourselves to be touched at our core. I am so blessed, so grateful for the time spent with these two yogis and lovers of life.


The Sacred Valley

22 february

As long as i remain the way i am, i will not come to truth. Read more.


A new beginning, like never before.

January 17.

The year of changes, of identity struggles, awakening of the authentic self and friendships come and gone, and re-membered.  Read more.


Confession from the deep.

24 october.

I teach what I need to learn. And sometimes I meet with the dirty and nasty, in my own self. Read more.


Peace from a kitchen table

21 september.

Peace Day. We don’t fight for peace. That is an oxymoron. Read more on my thoughts on peace.


The spiritual life

Anybody can train themselves to do asanas more or less perfectly, and those are also limited to the mat, sort of. A safe haven, but the practice isn’t really about keeping it safe… Read more.